Camp Loopy: Project One

Hey Mum,

So in a fit of madness, I decided to try my hand at the Camp Loopy Challenge again this year. I really did have fun last time and was very productive. The first project requires it be at least 400 yards and because of the Olympics a project by a designer from a different country than your own. I have selected some Madeline Tosh DK in the color Kelp (a very hard to describe semi-solid blue-green or green-blue) with an eye to making a sweater for myself (see madness). I’d love your input on my pattern selection keeping in mind that I have to have it done in one month! Here are the choices I have come down on (All Ravelry links):

Fred and Ginger by Laura Chau (Canada)

Parcel or Trellis and Vine by Carol Feller (Ireland)

Salina or Orchid or Elise by Kim Hargreaves (England)

Gweneira (not a sweater) by Susanna IC (Germany)

Look forward to hearing your opinions!

Love, Me

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Well, I finally resolved to knit something out of my Sundara Fingering Silky Merino is a pretty teal with yellow highlights called The Life Aquatic (one of my favorite films). I mentally prepared and poured over a whole slew of patterns. I ended up selecting Tender by Kim Hargreaves, which was simple and feminine. A good match…or so I thought. I swatched for gauge, but still had a nagging feeling that I was about to invest a whole lot of time and expensive yarn in a project that might not work.  After expressing my doubts to my non-knitting husband he had a great idea.  He suggested knitting Tender in a non-expensive yarn, essentially making it twice.  Although I knew that wasn’t really an option for a fingering weight sweater, it did give me the notion to swatch at least the ruffle part and see how it would work.  I did that in stolen moments today while hanging with the kids.  As it happens, the ruffle does not work well in this yarn.  The pattern was designed for Kidsilk Haze, a light a floaty mohair silk blend with finer gauge.  The Sundara FSM has great drape, but no light and floaty qualities, thus, the ruffle just drags and hangs.  I am so so glad that I swatched some more and saved myself the agony of an expensive and disappointing sweater.

So now, I have my FSM wound and nowhere to go. Here is a new round up of possible patterns.  Any thoughts on which one would be best??? [these are in no particular order and are all links to Ravlery]


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The Blog is Back

After a long hiatus, the blog is hopefully up and running again. Please pardon our transition from one blogging platform to another. Older posts will (hopefully) be appearing shortly.

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